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I am including links to some sites which will allow you to use some original compositions. If you do use their music, it would be nice to give them credit on your web site or e-mail.

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I would like to thank Bill Pelka

for doing a research on this very

beautiful and famous Midi

which is now playing

on this Page.

Here is what Bill's research found:

"In this particular piece,

the words are filled with

wonderful images that would

be lost in translation."

This piece talks of a melancholy love.

"A broken-hearted man sits and recalls

one autumn afternoon when the rain

continuously falling ....

An afternoon in which his lover

walks out of his life.

In the chorus of the song,

he wants to know why,

on this afternoon,

the rain returns but not her."

Title Of Midi ... Diem Xua

Composer ... Trinh Cong Son

Biography Of Trinh Cong Son (1939-2001)


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