Since I was getting quite a collection of fun links, I decided to make a separate page just for them. I had these links on my information page but that too was getting quite full. There are lots of joke pages and even some games for WebTV users.

Enjoy yourself and hope you find a chuckle or two...

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BBSmith's ICQ And Fun Pages - Fun Things To Do When You're Bored

Orisinal Games and Fun Page

Dream Library

Wavs & Sounds Page

Computer Stupidities

Optical Illusions

Riddle Nut.Com

Fun Stuff

Guess The TV Show Or Movie Name


Mini Clip - Free Games Downloads - PC only

Jokes And Humor

Hang Pumpkin - Hangman Game

Complete List Of Murphy's Laws - LOL!

Test Your Beliefs

Trivia Portal - Tons Of Trivia Games

Color Your Picture (webtv or computers)

Humor, Satire And Just Plain Silliness

Exclusive Free Online Games - PC only

WebTV Macromedia Flash/Shockwave Pages


Ronbo's Fun Links

Sound Express Crazy WAVs And RAMs

Ron's Fun And Games

The Dialectizer

Jumpman Game

Time Capsule

Talk To Oliver - A Real Live Bot

Skytopia Optical Illusions

Jigzone Online Puzzles - PCs Only

CoolSig - Sig Box Quotes (PCs Only)


Clumsy Crooks

Humorous Quotes

Groovynet Java Games

The Face Memory Game

TigerX Trivia Daily

Ace's Interactive Quizzes

Dumb Criminals Stories

Printable PuzzleMaker

DeepSpace9's Games Collection

Web Turtle ~ Java-Free Drawing Program


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