Here are many background pages that I have saved.. I hope you will find what you're looking for at these sites...

Some of these pages have backgrounds that can be linked by WebTV users. However, make sure it is okay to link directly to the backgrounds on that particular site.. If it is not, please upload them to your own server or web site..:)

Thank you,

Poski :)


Absolute Background Textures Archive

Backgrounds With Emma

Phyllis's Backgrounds

Lace's Backgrounds

Free Backgrounds By Category

Stolen Backgrounds By Wiggylee 2

Stolen Backgrounds By Wiggylee 1

Swiftdream's Backgrounds


3D Wallpaper Links

Cloudy Star's Backgrounds

Backgrounds By Category

Free Desktop Wallpaper

Julianne's Backgrounds

Marvelicious Backgrounds

Castleberry Arts Backgrounds

Fractual Backgrounds


Digital Art - Graphics And Backgrounds

Kenja's DeskTop Themes

Index Of Background Images

My Favorite Backgrounds

Kristan's Backgrounds

EOS Backgrounds - Tons Of Backgrounds!

Prinz 3D Wallpaper

Victorian Border Sets


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