When this web site was created, I did it with the thought of making it easier for my cyber friends to be able to find what they were looking for...

Little did I know that I would be honored with an award... It is with much gratitude that I dedicate this page to those creative and unselfish individuals who have inspired me to make my own web page...

After doing this page, I can certainly appreciate the countless hours and hard work they put into their pages so that everyone can benefit from their labor of love...

** POSKI **


Thank You To Lady Oh For My First Award (Site closed)

March, 1998

A big thank you to *RailBird* for honoring me with his Friendship Award... "Don't miss seeing his wonderful Web Site!" GREAT help pages and interesting information... You Will Love It!!


March 8, 1999


I would like to thank Bruce of "Bruce's WebTV Help Pages" for honoring me with his Award For Excellence... If you need any HTML Help or want to see a wonderful place to find Midis and Graphics for WebTV,or PC please visit Bruce's page... This is a "must see site"...

April 28th, 1999


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