Here are many tested and wonderful recipes that I have received from Foodies and Friends over the years... If you have any recipes that you would like to see included on this page, please email me from my Home Page and I will add them to my site.

** POSKI **


Jell-O Pastel Cookies ~~ Poski

Mini Ham & Cheese Cresent Roll Ups ~~ Helen Rix

Tiramisu Toffee Torte ~~ FtyPty

Spanish Rice ~~ Nobunaga

Keylime Pie ~~ Annette (locomom)

Potatoes Romanoff ~~ MawHawg

Hamburger Rice Casserole ~~ Annette (locomom)

Raspberry Bars ~~ Tina

Pea Pickin Cake ~~ Annette (locomom)

BJGourmet's Very Best Mashed Potatoes


Death By Chocolate ~~ Ticha (Victoria0)

Velvet Tones Chorus Recipes ~~ Luanna

Shirley Arthur's Original Fruit Cake

Key Lime Cookies ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

BJ's Grilled Korean Beef Bulgogi

Finnish Coffee Bread ~~ Poski

World Famous Tomato Soup ~~ Poski

Southern Snow Cream ~~ BJGourmet

Southern Grits ~~ Shirley Arthur

Nutmeg Cookies ~~ Hippoluver


See's Fudge ~~ Poski

Kahlua ~~ Nani

Seafood Lasagna ~~ Hippoluver

BJ's Homemade Gravy

Turtle Cake ~~ LadyHawk

Cherry Nut Sticky Buns ~~ Jewels

Monster Cookies ~~ Ee-or

Peanut Butter Kisses ~~ Snuggle

Spinach Quiche ~~ Jewels

Chicken With Apples And Cream ~~ Nani


Turkey Alfredo ~~ MawHawg

Stuffing ~~ MawHawg

Banana Split Cake ~~ GH Mom

Dancing Chicken ~~ BJ Gourmet

Garlic Chicken Wings ~~ BJ Gourmet

Spanish Rice ~~ BJ Gourmet

Beef Stroganoff ~~ MawHawg

Turkey Meatloaf ~~ MawHawg

Harvest Pie ~~ Hippoluver

Rao's Famous Lemon Chicken ~~ BJ Gourmet


Pear Torte ~~ Mawhawg

Easy Taco Casserole ~~ BJ Gourmet

Mexican Confetti Rice ~~ BJ Gourmet

Garlic Shrimp ~~ MawHawg

Texas Taters ~~ BJ Gourmet

Philly Cheese Casserole ~~ MawHawg

Graham Cracker Nut Cookies ~~ BJ Gourmet

No Bake CheeseCake ~~ MawHawg

Low Calorie Macaroni And Cheese ~~ MawHawg

Cornmeal Cookies ~~ Hippoluver


Texas Sheet Cake ~~ BJ Gourmet

Layered Salad ~~ Snuggle

Hawaiian Fruit Salad Dressing ~~ Hippoluver

Hush Puppies ~~ MawHawg

Bean Casserole ~~ Hippoluver

Shrimp And Crab Fluffs ~~ Bali1954

Orange Pecan Butter ~~ MawHawg

Bean Bake ~~ Snuggle

Nacho Pork Chili ~~ MawHawg

Excellent Meat Marinade ~~ BJGourmet & JLO248


Broccoli Cornbread ~~ GrandmaDragon

Chili Relleno Casserole With Lime Dressing ~~ MawHawg

Dutch Babies Pancakes ~~ BJGourmet

Fettuccini With Clam Sauce ~~ MawHawg

Potato Flake Starter Dough For Breads ~~ BJ Gourmet

Basil Chicken ~~ MawHawg

Tomato Soup Cake ~~ MawHawg

Taco Pie ~~ MawHawg

Grandma's Pumpkin Pie ~~ Amy

Pumpkin Cake ~~ Dreamer_CB


Cardamom Crispy Cookies ~~ BJGourmet

Peach Pound Cake ~~ RCCruisers

Mom's Pound Cake ~~ RCCruisers

Santori ~ Apple Walnut Cake ~~ BJGourmet & JLO248

Minnesota Harvest Bars ~~ GHMom

Mango Bread ~~ Nani

Brine For Meat ~~ Goat_On_A_Hill

Pecan Pie Mini Muffins ~~ Nani

Marion's Melt In Your Mouth Pie Crust

Insider Pizza ~~ BJGourmet


Russian Borscht ~~ BJGourmet

Raspberry Waldorf Cake ~~ Jewels

Egg Nog Bread ~~ GrandmaMoon

Brandy Alexander Pie ~~ BJGourmet

Low Carbohydrate Strawberry Cheesecake ~~ SallyV

Walnut Caramel Cookies ~~ Hippoluver

Pumpkin Pie Cake ~~ Tamln

Pumpkin Cookies ~~ Hippoluver

BJGourmet's Boursin Cheese

Homemade Kahlua ~~ Marie (JanPaul)


Crumpets ~~ BJGourmet

Austrian Raspberry Shortbread ~~ Jewels

Rothenburg Schneeballen Pastries ~ BJGourmet

Candy Cane White Fudge ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

BJGourmet's Original Shortbread Cookies

French Banana Pancakes ~~ Sandwich

BJGourmet's Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce

Baked Cardamom Rice Pudding ~~ BJGourmet

Toffee Squares ~~ Hippoluver

Best Cake Ever ~~ Snuggle


Aninka's Original Cranberry Sauce

Rolo Cookie Bars ~~ Becky aka LadyHawk

Triple Chocolate Pie ~~ Robbie

Summer Salad ~~ Aninka

Lemon Whippersnappers ~~ Ee-or

Aninka's Delicious Goulash

Breakfast Casserole ~~ BJGourmet

Taco Pie 2 ~~ Jewels

Italian Love Knots ~~ BJGourmet

To Die For Crockpot Roast ~~ Paula Jean


Portuguese Sweet Bread ~~ Nani

Double Stuff Pumpkin Pie ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

Governor Jeb Bush's 2 Favorite Recipes ~~ Gung_Ho_Chuck

Peanut Butter Chews ~~ Niki

No Bake Oh Henry's ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

1959 Sour Cream Coffee Cake ~~ Becky aka LadyHawke

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Loaf ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

Old Jamaican Coffee Liqueur ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

Coconut Caramel Pie ~~ Victoria

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies ~~ Jewels


Ribbon Meatloaf With Cheese Filling ~~ Marie (JanPaul)

Hungarian Cookies ~~ Snuggle

Peanut Butter Cookies ~~ Poski

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies ~~ Sherry

Instant Chai Tea Mix ~~ BJGourmet

Italian Beef Sandwiches ~~ Michelle

Chocolate Bread Pudding ~~ Helene aka Dreamer_Plus

Banana Pancakes ~~ Pinklucy

Turkey Florentine ~~ BJGourmet

Cocoa Fudge Cake ~~ Wolf


Omelet In A Bag ~~ Shirley Arthur

Molton Chocolate Cakes ~~ Paula Jean

Whole Chicken Hints ~~ MawHawg


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