Maiden Of Finland

Maiden Of Finland

Blonde hair, blue eyes,

a fluttering dress and a

figure as slender as a young

birch tree.

Who is she?

The answer is familiar to all

Finns, but not to foreigners.

She is the Maiden of Finland,

the visual symbol of the

nation and a key to the

heart of Finnishness.

In the struggle to defend

autonomy, depictions of the

Lion Of Finland pictures of an

anonymous maiden personifying

Finland, as well as the colours

blue and white, were important

instruments of propaganda.

Edvard Isto's painting of

the maiden (1899), seen

defending the book of

Finnish law, became known

throughout the country

in spite of official attempts

to prohibit its display.

The two-headed eagle,

emblem of the Russian

Imperial House,

excellently symbolised

the powers of darkness.

What sustained the Finns

in fighting forty-two wars

with Russia and

losing every one?

It was the quality of

courage and a unbreakable

fortitude which made

the Finns, fearless!

This is "SISU"

Painting courtesy of

National Finland Museum of Art

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