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"To the Finnish people, "SISU" has a mystical,

almost magical meaning,

which verges on the Spiritual."

"What Must Be Done Will Be Done,

Regardless Of Cost."

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

"SISU" (pronounced - see'-soo)

is a unique Finnish concept.

It is a word that cannot be fully translated.

It defines the Finnish people and their character.

"SISU" stands for the philosophy that

what must be done will be done,

regardless of cost....

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

One definition is:

"Special strength and stubborn

determination to continue

and overcome in the moment

of adversity.

It is a combination of stamina,

courage, and obstinacy

held in reserve for hard times."

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

It is not surprising that SISU

is a word that can't be translated.

No other language has a word which

quite conveys the meaning.

Possibly because no other country

has ever had a need of this quality.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


refers NOT to the courage of optimism,

but to a concept of life that says,

"I may not win,

but I will give up my

life gladly for what I believe."

A Finnish proverb is:

"Strong willpower will take

a woman even through stone."

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


Is the ability to hold onto

the end of the rope,

while dangling over a precipice,

for 5 seconds longer than

you thought you could.

Then going 5 MORE HOURS."

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


"The ultimate determination,

fortitude, and persistance --

carried to an unfathomable level."

To have "SISU" meant that

when someone added

the Straw that

was meant to Break

The Camel's Back,

You Asked For MORE Weight!

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

This feeling has sustained the Finns

in fighting forty-two wars

with Russia and losing every one.

It's the quality that lets them

laugh at themselves in the face of disaster.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

It's the hard-jawed integrity

that makes them pay their war debts

when wealthier nations

repudiate their obligations.

In short, it's the indomitable will

that sets Finns apart and explains

many of the incredible things they do.

It means physical strength and courage.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


is an inherent characteristic

of the Finnish people...

You might call it:

backbone, spunk, stamina.

guts, drive and perseverance.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

SISU is ... having the guts

to stand up for what you believe in,

or are striving for,

regardless of the personal cost.

It is a measure of integrity

that surpasses the hardship and

sees through to the end.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


Internal Fortitude,

A polite way of saying "guts"

Also persistence despite the

odds against whatever occurs.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

The Definition of "SISU"

is at the same level with Zen Koans,

(those tricky Japanese unanswerable questions)

"kanssa; se taytyy kokea."

Which means,

"One Must Experience It."

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


Almost merges in meaning

with the Yiddish word chutzpah,

because a Finn could take anything.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

"SISU" vs."Guts".

One definition offered is the word "Guts."

It's close, but not exact.

Whereas one can ask if someone

has "the guts" to do something

you CAN'T do the same with SISU.

The assumption is that everyone

has SISU and it is a word used

to define your source of strength


you've done something.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

It's a quality that makes a Finn

do something, and also

to complete a task because

failure is NOT acceptable -

Not because someone else says so,

But, because YOU yourself say so.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

My Heritage

I am very proud of my Heritage.

Both my Mother and Father were

born in Finland.

As far back as the 1700's and further

my roots have never been mixed

with another Nationality.

For many generations,

my heritage has been 100%

pure Finnish blood.

"SISU" runs very strongly in the

veins of myself and family.

And as it has been quoted,

"One must experience it."

Poski aka Daisy

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

NOTE: The dividers used on this page dates back to the mid-1500's.

Midi "Blade Runner" was Sequenced in Finland.

By ~ Matti Sairanen. He is a Master in sequencing Midis.

If you listen to the beginning of this midi,

you will hear the sound of "thunder."

A great musician!

Here is a wonderful testimony about Sisu, which was sent to me through e-mail. It is very thought provoking and deeply moving.

This young lady used her special gift (Sisu) and saved a very precious life.

Thank you Mirja for giving me permission to add your letter to my site.

Mirja-Anneli's Letter - October 19, 2005

The Maiden of Finland symbolizes the SISU which gave Finland their Independence.

Maiden Of Finland

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

Note: *SISU* has become a very popular name in Finland for so many retail products and is used by many different Companies.

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

**Finland's Economy**

New's From Finland

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

Take a look at the best school systems in the world! What level is your County at?

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) ranked Finland the Best in Education Worldwide.

Finland Number One

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

World's Largest Technology Prize From Finland.

Millenium Techology Prize

Jarkko Oikarinen has won Special Recognition by the Millenium Technology Prize in 2005 for inventing Internet Relay Chat or IRC.

IRC was created by Jarkko Oikarinen from Oulu, Finland, (nickname "WiZ") in late August 1988 to replace a program called MUT (MultiUser Talk) on a BBS called OuluBox in Finland. Oikarinen found inspiration in Bitnet Relay Chat which operated on the Bitnet network.

Jarkko Oikarinen's IRC History Documents

History of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

Here is some information by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior regarding the Arms of Finland.

Ministry Of The Interior - Arms Of Finland Info

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

The Kalevala, Finland's Epic Poem, is credited with inspiring the nationalism that ultimately led to Finnish independence from Russia in 1917.

Lönnrot was a Physician by profession but his passion for the traditional oral stories of his native Finland led him to travel extensively to acquire new material of Folklore about Finland. This "new" Kalevala contained fifty poems, and is the standard text of the Kalevala read today.

On an interesting side note, the Movie
by JRR Tolkien was based on and
inspired by "The Kalevala."

** Kalevala ** - Famous Finnish Folklore

Finland, Canada and New Zealand ranked on top!

Who Has the Cleanest Water Supply In The World?

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

Photos Of Armi Kuusela - Miss Finland - The First Miss Universe.

First Miss Universe Pageant 1952

Finnish National Coat Of Arms


"Land Of A Thousand Lakes"

Finnish National Coat Of Arms

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Finnish National Coat Of Arms

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