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Here are links to my friends' web pages and homepages.. They have really inspired me to put together my own web page.. They are so creative, imaginative and informative...

There is a wealth of information, entertainment, jokes, fun pages and food pages in these sites.. You can get to know them better through their pages.. Some have included their pictures in their sites..

Check back and see their pages often to see what else they have added.. Also if you would like your homepage or web site included here, please send it to me...

And while your visiting their pages, sign their guestbook and let them know what you think of their pages..

If you have any problems with these links, please e-mail me :)


Thank you!!

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MagicGarden's Art Page

BBSmith's Homepage

The Bald One's Homepage

StoneWolfe's Tripod Page

Red's Round Robin

Nani's Anniversary Gift

Lady_Nancy's Homepage

Karen's Homepage

LadyHawk's Homepage

MsBebop's Homepage

Angel Mummzie's Home Page

Lizette's Web Page

Meanersu's Homepage

Meanersu's Movie Lover's Page

Mr_Impatien's Homepage

Murlin's Dragon Lair

Nash81's Homepage

Friends' Voices

HummingBirdMom's Nest Of Love


Spirit Eye's Homepage

Tinker's Homepage

VietVet's Homepage

Buckman's Homepage

BluMoon's Homepage

BlackShadow's Homepage

Mushotzarella's Homepage

Pensacola's Homepage

WebTV Friends And Family

Ex-Nyr's Page

OhBoy33's TalkCity Homepage

Garnet10's Homepage

Sizz's Homepage

Budda's Place

LadyCheff's Culinary Cafe

GH Mom's Homepage

Dani's Place

Plectrum's Home Page

Innoprise's Inner Circle Pavilion

YellowRosePrn's Homepage

Ms Movie's Homepage

Breadlady's Home Page

Diana's Heaven

KitKat's Haven

Skin N Ink's Home Page

MQ's Homepage

Jewel's Humble Homepage

Jeff Hile's Homepage


Where Angels Dwell - Page By Annie_R

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Updated January 22, 2000