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I received this Wisdom award from Lady Calistra, the Good Witch Of Excalibur... She has a beautiful site which is completely child safe... It is wonderful that there are sites on the net which are good for the entire family, particularly children..

If your site is completely child safe, you can apply for a spot in her castle.. It is indeed an honor to receive this award from Lady Calistra, who is a most gracious hostess... Click on the award below to go to her beautiful site...

(Site Closed)

goodwitch award

May 6, 1999


I would like to thank JJ aka Nutsplitter for his Great Site award... I am truly honored in receiving it.. Make sure to check out his excellent site.. You will love it!!

June 15, 1999


I received this award from a very talented lady named MaryMouse... Her poetry is very unique, entertaining and touches the heart.. Please don't miss visiting her page... I know you will enjoy it and return to see it over and over again...

Thank you, Mary, for honoring me with your award..

(Site Closed)

June 19, 1999


I would like to thank dear Aninka for honoring me with an award for my site... Her site is so beautiful and lovingly put together that you should go and see it... You will come away from her site feeling very uplifted...

Thank you, dear Aninka...

June 25, 1999


I am so excited and honored to receive this beautiful award from my dearest friend, Slowflo.. She has the most beautiful Native American site on the net.. Please don't miss it.. You will really love it...

Thank you very much, dear Flo..

flo's award

June 29, 1999


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